1. DOUBLE COUPONS: Polly’s Country Market (“PCM”) will double the value of any coupon (excluding coupons offered by or used in connection with retailer coupons, alcohol, cigarette/tobacco products, PCM coupons and ‘free product’ coupons) up to .50 cents. Doubling of coupons is limited to only the first item being purchased with a coupon. Additional coupons for identical items will be redeemed at face value.
  2. COUPON LIMIT: Customers can use either a store or a manufacturer coupon for an item up to the retail value of product. Customers cannot use both a store and manufacturer coupon for the same item. Coupon(s) being redeemed can never exceed the retail value of the items being purchased. A customer cannot use more than one coupon per item—NO EXCEPTIONS.
  3. FREE PRODUCT: Coupons for ‘free product’ will be redeemed for an amount equal to the lesser of (a) the dollar amount restriction set forth on the coupon and (b) PCM’s retail price. If the retail price of an item exceeds the dollar amount limit stated in the coupon, the customer will be charged for the difference. For example, a coupon might state that it is good for “FREE DOG FOOD up to $11.00.” If our retail on that item is $12.29, the customer must pay the difference between the dollar limitation set forth in the coupon and our retail price. In this case, the customer would be charged $1.29 for the dog food. If the retail price of the item is less than the dollar amount limit stated on the coupon, the customer will receive a credit equal to the retail price of the item (NOT the coupon amount).
  4. COMPETITOR COUPONS: PCM does NOT honor COMPETITOR coupons under any circumstances.
  5. INTERNET COUPONS: Customers are limited to two of same internet coupon per transaction. This is because websites typically limit customers to two coupons and multiple coupons are most likely fraudulent copies, and will not be honored by the manufacturer.
  6. EXPIRATION DATES: Coupons will not be accepted after their stated expiration dates.
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